hi there!

this is me:

I’m Cassidy Quinn Brettler, a video blogger, reporter, tweeter, sports fan, tech and social media nerd, and traffic reporter.

I’m a West-coaster, from Seattle but now based in Portland, reporting for KGW-TV, Portand’s NBC affiliate. I cover fun events happening around town, anything from a cat lounge (#onlyinPortland) to the weirdest beers ever (have you ever heard of milk wine?! It’s gross).

I spend the rest of my days tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and making YouTube videos on my own channel. I like to dance, sing, talk about sports, social media, or life hacks (who doesn’t want their life to be a little bit easier?). Sometimes I even attempt (key word: ATTEMPT) to cook

Before I came to KGW, I was doing freelance reporting and social media work based in Seattle. During that time, I went to London with Virgin Atlantic, covering the NFL International Series as their #RedHotReporter, went to Las Vegas to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show for Car Toys, and made it to the top 50 (out of 3,000!) in Jauntaroo’s search for a Chief World Explorer. I also reported at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, worked on the social media team for the London 2010 Summer Olympics, and reported at Super Bowl XLVI.

I moved to the East coast to attend Emerson College (conveniently right before the Sonics left Seattle…), and graduated in May 2011 with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Acting. After graduating, I spent the next two years working as the Director of Digital Creative & Social Media at Boloco, a 22-unit restaurant chain based in New England.  I traveled to the locations that produced and/or inspired Boloco’s menu items – including places as small as Farmville, IL, and as far away as Montevideo, Uruguay and Tokyo, Japan – and created videos telling the story.

I’m all over the web, so if you want to know more about me, or get in contact with me, just click here!

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    about 3 years ago

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