hi there!

this is me:

I’m Cassidy Quinn Brettler, a video blogger, reporter, tweeter, sports fan, and general tech and social media nerd.

I’m a West-coaster, who recently moved back to Seattle after 6 years in Boston. I spend my days tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and traveling the globe shooting/hosting/producing/editing YouTube videos. I just got back from a trip to London with Virgin Atlantic, covering the NFL International Series as their #RedHotReporter. I’m currently looking forward to reporting at the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and looking for my next full-time adventure.

I moved to the East coast to attend Emerson College (conveniently right before the Sonics left Seattle…), graduated in May 2011, and for the next 2 years worked as the Director of Digital Creative & Social Media at Boloco, a 22-unit restaurant chain based in New England.  I traveled to the locations that produced and/or inspired Boloco’s menu items, and created videos telling the story.

I’m always looking for fun new projects to work on, people to collaborate with on videos, and any other sporty or nerdy things you may have in mind. I’m all over the web, so if you want to get in contact with me, just click here!

  • #1 written by Chris
    about 2 years ago

    You’re a beautiful woman. I find you so just adorable. Great classic look.

    Such a great job at what you do. Keep it up!!!

    I am a Location Manager in Tv & Film